A22 Rotary Actuator

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Rotomation, Inc
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A22 Rotary Actuator
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Numéro de pièce fournisseur: A22
Nom:A22 Rotary Actuator
Description:Rugged 1" bore dual rack rotary actuator with a 0.500" diameter one-piece pinion shaft that delivers about 78 in-lb of torque at 80 psi, with oversized bearings to withstand heavy-duty load.


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Rotomation, Inc
Since 1967, Rotomation has maintained its service and product reputation in the manufacture of practical, rugged, rotary actuators that produce a variety of shaft motions. They provide direct process actuation for reliable, high speed operation. All our parts are made in our own state-of-the-art CNC machine shop and stocked in our inventory. All units are assembled and tested to order, allowing us to offer fast delivery on any of our actuators. We offer more than 2 billion different actuator configurations to choose from but about 40% of our annual sales are customized or special actuators. Product improvement and development are a continuous focus of attention and our world-class customer service includes technical support directly with the engineers that designed our actuators, local distributor presence, and value-added repair/rebuild services by our highly skilled technicians to insure the operational integrity of your old actuator. Our products will provide your Organization with an inherent balance of cost-effective production and optimized cycle rates.
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